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Sea Galaxy Reef


Sea Galaxy is a mural artwork that began as a collaboration between artists Jamie Derringer and Shanan Campanaro. Jaime commissioned Eskayel to help her design custom drapes for her living room using her own artwork. While Jaime’s drawings are intricate and graphic with defined shapes, Shanan is known for her fluid watercolor style featuring organic forms. Jaime was ultimately drawn to the idea of bringing a softness to her own hard edges and chose to give Shanan the freedom to reinterpret her drawings in her own medium and signature style. 

Roll Size: 27” x 13' panels
Lead Time: Print to order, 4-6 weeks.
Mural Art: 270” wide x 13’ long

Samples show a section of the artwork at full scale. Samples are not cut from specific panels, and are intended to show the color of the paper only. To complete the mural, all 10 panels (A-J) must be ordered.