Contemporary Art: Exploring Wallpaper Inspired by Famous Artists

Judith Supine, Street artist, and his wallpaper "Eye of the Beholder"

Why not have wallpaper become a canvas for creativity, expression, and personality? How about infusing artistry into your living space by adorning your walls with designs inspired by famous artists? From the iconic pop art of Andy Warhol to the street-inspired creations of Judith Supine, the mesmerizing works of multi-media artist Jen Stark, or the murals by painter Faye Toogood, you can transform your interior into a canvas.

Andy Warhol's Pop Art Extravaganza

Andy Warhol, the pop art pioneer, revolutionized the art world with his bold and vibrant creations. His iconic imagery, including, Marilyn Monroe, and the famous banana from The Velvet Underground album cover, continues to inspire artists and designers alike. Now, thanks to Flavor Paper's Andy Warhol collection, you can bring Warhol's distinctive style into your home.

Imagine your walls adorned with larger-than-life reproductions of Warhol's most famous works. From electric hues to monochromatic masterpieces, each design captures the essence of Warhol's pop art movement. Whether you're a fan of his celebrity portraits or his playful take on everyday objects, there's a wallpaper in this collection to suit your taste.

Judith Supine: Street Art Meets Wallpaper

For those who prefer their art with a touch of grit and urban edge, Judith Supine's wallpaper designs offer the perfect blend of street art and sophistication. Known for his wheat-pasted collages featuring surreal figures and psychedelic imagery, Supine brings a raw energy to the world of wallpaper.

Imagine walking into a room adorned with Supine's larger-than-life characters, their vibrant colors and dynamic compositions commanding attention. From fantastical creatures to abstract landscapes, his wallpaper creations blur the line between art and environment, transforming any space into a vibrant urban oasis.

Supine’s art is a reflection of contemporary culture and the power of street art to transcend boundaries. By bringing his iconic imagery into your home, you're not just decorating your walls; you're making a statement about your love for art that defies convention.

Jen Stark's Kaleidoscopic Creations

If you're drawn to art that's both mesmerizing and mind-bending, look no further than Los Angeles artist Jen Stark's wallpaper designs. A master of multi-media art, Stark is known for her intricate paper sculptures and vibrant installations that explore themes of symmetry, infinity, and transformation.

With Stark's wallpaper, your walls become portals to otherworldly dimensions, of vivid colors swirls. Each design invites viewers to lose themselves in the beauty of repetition and rhythm. Whether you're drawn to her hypnotic spirals or her geometric abstractions, Stark's wallpapers bring a sense of wonder and awe to any space.

But Stark's creations are also a testament to the power of art to evoke emotion and provoke thought. By surrounding yourself with her mesmerizing designs, you're inviting curiosity and contemplation into your home, creating a space that's as intellectually stimulating as it is visually striking.


Faye Toogood x Calico Wallpaper: Murals Redefined for Your Home

Renowned painter Faye Toogood has joined forces with Calico Wallpaper to bring the captivating allure of murals into your living space. This collaboration marries Toogood's distinct artistic vision with Calico's expertise in creating luxurious, handcrafted wallpaper, resulting in a collection that transcends traditional home decor.

Toogood's signature style, characterized by its raw, organic forms and earthy color palettes, breathes new life into the concept of wallpaper. Each design tells a story, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of texture, depth, and emotion. From abstract landscapes to evocative patterns inspired by nature, every piece in this collection is a work of art in its own right.


Bringing Art to Life

Whether you're a fan of pop art, street art, abstract expressionism, or large scale mural painting, there’s a wallpaper inspired by famous artists to suit your style. By decorating with these designs, you're creating a space that's infused with creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.

So why settle for plain paint when you can adorn your walls with the works of master artists? With wallpaper inspired by the likes of Andy Warhol, Judith Supine, Jen Stark or Faye Toogood, you can turn any room into a gallery-worthy masterpiece. So go ahead, unleash your inner curator, and let your walls tell a story as unique as you are.