Q. Can we install the wallpaper ourselves?

A. We always recommend a professional wallpaper installer for our papers.

Q. How much wallpaper do we need?

A. Leave this to a professional wallpaper installer. Make sure the installer has width, length and the pattern repeat. This information is on the back of all samples and listed on our website. All of our wallpapers come in different lengths and widths. 

Q. Can wallpaper be used in a bathroom?

A. It all depends on the type of paper, the ventilation and how much use the bathroom gets. We suggest talking to a professional installer for advice.

Q. Can we wipe or wash wallpaper?

A. Vinyl wallpapers can be cleaned, but hand screened papers are more delicate. A lot of manufacturers currently print on “non-woven” paper that can be wiped gently. Check with manufacturer for care. 

Q. Can wallpaper be sealed after installation?

A. There are clear coats that can be applied, but it will probably change the finish of the wallpaper. Always test a small piece first to see the results.

Q. Should a plain liner paper be used under the wallpaper?

A. Many wallpapers require that a horizontally hung liner paper be used. It is always a good idea to use liner paper. It creates a smooth finish and can help absorb excess paste. If liner paper is hung vertically then the seams cannot match up with printed wallpaper or the seams will pop open. Start liner from opposite corner or use different width than printed wallpaper