Elevate Your Interior Design with House of Hackney Matching Wallpaper and Fabric

Elevate Your Interior Design with House of Hackney Matching Wallpaper and Fabric

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, creating a cohesive and visually appealing space requires careful consideration of every detail. One brand that has mastered the art of marrying wallpaper and fabric to transform rooms into works of art is House of Hackney. Renowned for its bold, throwback floral designs, House of Hackney offers a unique approach to interior decor that allows you to infuse personality and character into your living spaces.

The Art of Coordination

One of the standout features of House of Hackney is their ability to create matching wallpaper and fabric collections. This coordination allows for a seamless and harmonious integration of patterns and textures throughout a room, fostering a sense of unity and sophistication. By selecting complementary designs for your walls and furnishings, you can effortlessly tie together different elements of your interior decor.

Patterns like “Artemis,” “Flora Fantasia,” and “Hollyhocks” to name a few have coordinating fabric with the wallpaper creating a visually pleasing room. You can match the paper, headboard, furniture, bedding and drapery creating a fantasy room that is tied together seamlessly. By keeping the lines clean on the drapery and bedding, you keep the room modern. 

A great example of using House of Hackney's fabric and wallpapers is the L'Eldorado boutique hotel in Paris. Sumptuously decorated with velvets and wallpaper, the hotel used patterns like Gaia and Zanjan to great effect. 

Endless Design Possibilities

House of Hackney is celebrated for its daring and distinctive patterns inspired by nature, Victorian influences, and a touch of the avant-garde. From lush botanicals to whimsical animal prints their collections offer a diverse range of options to suit various design preferences. The availability of matching wallpaper and fabric opens up endless possibilities for creating cohesive, themed, or eclectic interiors that reflect your personal style. Some popular florals are “Minerva,” “Floralia,” and “Papavera” while some standout animal prints are “Dinosauria,” “Trematonia,” and “Zeus.”

House of Hackney has also updated several William Morris patterns from the Arts & Crafts period of the late 19th Century. These wallpapers also coordinate with fabrics. Included in the Morris patterns are the timeless “Blackthorn,” “Golden Lily,” and “Seaweed.” All of these come as matching wallpaper and fabric.

Seamless Transitions

One of the key advantages of using matching wallpaper and fabric is the ability to create seamless transitions between different areas of a room. For instance, you can extend a wallpaper pattern onto upholstered furniture, throw pillows, or curtains, blurring the lines between the walls and furnishings. This fluidity in design adds a layer of sophistication to your space, making it feel well-thought-out and carefully curated.

Mixing and Matching

While House of Hackney excels in providing matching sets, their designs are also versatile enough to encourage mixing and matching within the same collection. This allows for a dynamic and layered aesthetic, where you can experiment with different patterns and textures that still share a common design language. Whether you prefer a more eclectic look or a coordinated theme, House of Hackney empowers you to express your creativity.

For those that need matching pillows right away to achieve a matching decor scheme, House of Hackney offers pillows and cushions that are ready to ship. Included in these are the patterns “Artemis,” “Mey Meh,” and “Woodstock” just to name a few. The pillow and cushion selection is always expanding and evolving to Include many of House of Hackney’s most popular patterns.

Tips for Successful Integration

To make the most of House of Hackney matching wallpaper and fabric, consider the following tips:

  • Balance is Key: Strike a balance between bold patterns and neutral elements to avoid overwhelming the space. For example, pair a vibrant wallpaper with solid-colored furniture or vice versa.
  • Create Focal Points: Use matching sets to create focal points in a room. Consider featuring a bold wallpaper on one accent wall and using coordinating fabrics on key furnishings to draw attention to specific areas.
  • Consider Scale: Pay attention to the scale of patterns to ensure they complement each other. A larger pattern on the wallpaper can be balanced with smaller-scale patterns on fabrics, and vice versa.
  • Experiment with Texture: Don't be afraid to mix different textures within the same color palette. This can add depth and interest to your design while maintaining cohesion.
  • Keep lines clean: One key to creating a matching room that looks updated is to keep the bedding and drapery clean. In other words, no ruffles or balloon shades. Keep the sewing clean and modern and the room will look completely current.

House of Hackney's matching wallpaper and fabric collections offer a unique and exciting approach to interior design. With their bold pattern that have the flexibility to mix and match, House of Hackney empowers you to transform your living spaces into personalized works of art. Elevate your interior design game by exploring the endless possibilities that come with coordinating wallpaper and fabric, and let your creativity run wild.