Title: Unveiling Emma Hayes' Modern Ethereal Wallpaper: A Botanic Symphony from New Zealand

Emma Hayes new wallpaper pattern botanic, an example of organic modernism

In the world of wallpaper design, Emma Hayes stands as a visionary, weaving dreams into the fabric of walls through her gorgeous wallpaper designs. Her unique blend of modernity and ethereal beauty is showcased in her latest pattern “Botanic” which will transform any space into a zen sanctuary.

Emma Hayes: Inspired By Her Surroundings

Emma Hayes’s journey in the world of pattern design began in New Zealand, where she developed a deep appreciation for the lush landscapes and vibrant flora that surrounded her. This connection to nature has become a defining element in her work, evident in the seamless integration of organic motifs, muted colors and botanical elements in her designs.

A Botanic Motif With Etherial Beauty

At the heart of Emma Hayes' recent collection lies a botanic symphony that captures the essence of nature in its simplest form. The delicate detail of leaves, flowers, and vines come together to form a loose pattern across the wallpaper, creating a sense of movement. The color palette– the all over green of moss, the subtlety of buff and the stronger contrast of Shadow—covers the range of natural beauty.

Another element that sets Emma Hayes' wallpaper apart is its ethereal quality. Her older patterns, like Bloom, Sediment and Sandscape seem to transcend the room, creating an illusion of a living, breathing tapestry that wraps around the walls. The play of light and shadow on the textured surface adds depth and dimension, giving life to natural elements in a soothing way. Her wallpaper designs reflect the current obsession with organic modernism that is so pervasive in todays interior design.

The Bloom wallpaper pattern is inspired by the interplay of blooming flowers that float across the wall. It is delicately colored, even opaque at times giving it a relaxing spa like quality.

Her Seascape and Sandscape pattern, part of the collaboration with Walnut Wallpaper called “L.A. Colorscapes”, is Emma Hayes’s foray into the vibrant world of Los Angeles’s famous light that is legendary among artists from David Hockney to Robert Irwin. From the sun kissed desert to the dapple of light on the Pacific Ocean, the L.A. Colorscapes collection is the perfect marriage of Hayes organic design with the diversity of the Southern California landscape.

Sustainable Design Practices

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Emma Hayes is also dedicated to sustainable design practices. Her commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in the choice of eco-friendly materials and production processes. The wallpapers are created with a focus on reducing environmental impact, making them a conscious choice for those who value both style and sustainability.

Emma Hayes' modern, ethereal wallpaper from New Zealand is a testament to the transformative power of design. Through her botanic and organic patterns, she invites us to embark on a visual journey where nature, modernity and light blend in a harmonious dance.