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The largest of the 3 panoramas, Reverie is a dreamlike scene of fantastical trees in a hidden oasis. Lush grasses are surrounded by fresh verdant leaves, vibrant blossoms, and elegantly trailing branches inviting you into this magnificent garden haven.

Like a mirage, Reverie's palette is akin to the day's ever-changing light with the clear skies of dawn, crystal afternoon blues, the hazy ombre at dusk, and a rich midnight navy.

Comprised of 8 drops across a 2-roll set, Reverie is both a repeatable landscape as well as a striking panel that can be used in isolation for a unique backdrop terrain.

Roll Size: This item is priced and sold by the panorama.
Panorama dimensions: 10'2" tall x 18'3" wide
Design Repeat: 18'3"
Match: Straight Match
Lead Time: 2 weeks